Friday, July 31, 2009


We have always been amazed and pleased at how often the streets here are swept. You very rarely saw rubbish gathering in the gutters around the area. Not so this summer, many of us noticed that there was a distinct lack of cleaning going on. After speaking to the two guys doing the work this year we now know what the problem is, its two guys! Quite simply the work force has been cut back compared to other years. These two man are doing there best to get around everywhere but sometimes they just don't manage too. Now we see there is a street cleaning machine being used. How much better when the work was done by a your actual human being. Not only where the streets cleaner but it also provided much needed work for quite a few local people. A machine driven around when many streets are still full of parked cars is a poor substitute for the human touch. Once again progress wins over common sense.

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