Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Moray eels are moving in

Moray eel

Yesterday, the Cruz Roja beach patrol flew the yellow flag, at a cove of the Aguamarina Beach in Orihuela Costa, after a number of moray eels were seen close inshore. One swimmer, a 35 year old holiday maker from Italy, was bitten on the hand when he tried to drag one of the eels to the beach, and it was he who gave the warning to lifeguards from the Red Cross.

Apparently a spokesman for the Red Cross said it was likely to be an isolated event, saying that, while there were an unusual number of moray eels in the area, they were not enough to be described as a shoal.

As long as they dont feel threatened they will not attack, unless they think you will make a nice dinner.


Anonymous said...

what a stupid Italian tourist! like you say as long as they dont feel threatened. Im sure I would be angry if someone pulled me from my house! Idiot.

Petrus said...

Thanks for the warning ...

I certainly will not be going near one ..