Monday, July 20, 2009

Alicante airport runs

With the police taking action against illegal taxiing to the airport, they have started to take it too far, people who are just taking or collecting relatives or friends for flights are being stopped and fined up to 3000 euros. The police say it is up to the driver, not the police to prove passengers were not paying fares, and anyone recieving a fine has up to 15 days to appeal. One woman has had to take a written statement from a relative stating that she was not running a taxi service.
As a matter of interest we have contacted the British embassy for some clarification on the situation, but recieved no reply and it appears the British consulate are not interested in the matter.
Its an infringement of human rights when you are scared to go and meet your friends at the airport, and you have to tell them that they will have to pay for a taxi.

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