Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hurrah it's Summer

The bar next to the swimming pool at the end of the road is open again for the summer, they open at 10:00 in the morning and stay open till about 3:00 the following morning. The drinks are cheap and the beer is cold in ice frosted glasses. It not just a bar but a real social point, its great to see all the nationalities getting together in this open air venue in the square, dominoes, backgammon, cards and Spanish ludo are all available if you fancy a game, sometimes people play petange, which we fancy having a go at, we´ve got the balls.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Poisonous Oleander

The Oleander(Nerium Oleander)shrub is a very popular plant around here in public garden areas and parks and as a potted patio plant, it is very drought resistant and flowers prolifically with five petalled flowers on long stems,in red, pink and white colours. By removing suckers at the base of the plant, and leaving just a few stems, oleander can be formed into very attractive small trees.
What must be remembered is that is very poisonous, even the the smoke from burning the cuttings and wood are toxic, it has been known that people using the wood on a barbeque have poisoned themselves.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Keep it Clean

The importance of cleanliness in a hot climate like this cannot be stressed enough, It is a wonderfull environment for germs and bugs, and being extra carefull with food hygiene is a must. Keeping your fridge well chilled, work surfaces clean and clean hands are a good start, My wife has just suffered from a bad stomach bug, at least we know it was not food poisoning.
I have heard it said that it is not a good idea to go out for a meal in July and August, because you can never be sure how well the food is looked after... and it only takes a little laziness in a kitchen to create contaminated food.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Off The Beach

A hundred yards back from the beach at Guardamar del Segura is the nature reserve which is a perfect place to get out of the sun and take a picnic. There are lots of trees to give cover and a sandy floor for sitting and relaxing, you quite often get a cool breeze. The fragrance smells from the trees and shrubs are very pleasant and the only sounds are that of the birds and cicadas. There are a few other insects around so it is best to put some insect repellent on.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day of the Bicycle - Rojales

Today is "The day of the bicycle" in Rojales, over 200 cyclists from very young to senior citizens met up in Rojales to celebrate the day. Everyone set off on a 10 kilometre circular ride around the district, the route taking in Benijofar, Cuidad Quesada and surrounding countryside, with regular stops for snacks and ice cold drinks. The ride was taken at a nice sedate pace with lead cars of the police stopping traffic and a loudspeaker car playing music and giving instructions throughout the ride. On return to Rojales, more refreshments, free gifts of T shirts caps and hats were given out and there was a draw for some great prizes. The event was well sponsored by local companies and banks.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Non Starter

My wife and daughter told me they were off to a social group gathering, i´m up for that i thought, then they told me it was ladies only, never one to give up easily i decided to try dressing for the occasion. I thought i looked pretty good but they ran away screaming. I got my own back in the end as the event was a non starter, due to the summer recess, this is the time of year lots of things close down until the end of August, and a lot of Brits go back to the UK, to escape the heat. My wife and daughter are now thinking about setting up there own group, - progress report at a later date.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Room on the Roof

Now the really hot weather is here it is really nice to sleep out in the open air, so our gazebo on the solarium is really coming into its own, an inflatable queen size bed, a table lamp and it is turned into another bedroom at night time, and with the mossie nets there are no insects! The only drawback is if there is a lot of noise you hear it. But it is so refreshing to sleep in the fresh air, so its worth being woken occasionally.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Audreys Cat

Audreys cat was a stray covered in fleas and scrounging for a living, she took it in, got the vet to inject it, inspect it, neuter it and deflea it. Now it lives a life of luxury, eating prime chicken breast and relaxing on the top of my car, where it finds the radio aerial an amusing plaything.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Melon Season

It only seems a short time since the farmers were putting the melon seedlings into the ground, in fact last time i walked round the field near us, the seedlings were only 6 inches high, yesterday i went on the same walk and the plants are lush and full of fruit with melons the size of footballs. There are fields full of creatures like this, only hope the farmers get a good market for them, as the most of the orange crop this year was left on the trees to rot.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mini Moto Racing

Ive seen these little motorbikes advertised and in bike shops, but ive never seen them in motion, This weekend there has been an event in Royales where a racing circuit has been set out and practice, then races have been held. The speed and acceleration these tiny machines achieve are incredible, great for youngsters of 5 or 6, but when you see young adults riding them with there legs sticking out at right angles. it is at the least, amusing to watch.