Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angel update

Well its a week tommorrow since Angel arrived so thought you might like a progress report. Angel has settled in very well, she's a lovely calm little dog. Angel likes a run in the campo but is very well behaved and never runs off too far or refuses to come when called. Its clear that her previous family spent time and trouble training her, she likes a routine and is always ready for her dinner around 6, she does not bother you at the table like some dogs will and is very good around our cat Suzi, though Suzi is a bit of a grumpy boots at times. This week she has met up with mad Jack from around the corner (see earlier post about him) She has also met Rocky the rescue dog on several occasions, think Rocky is in love! Angel is going to meet the local Vet Javier on monday as she has to be spayed, plus get a blood test.
Do get in touch with K9 if you think you can give Angel the loving home she deserves,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Personality of the month Joaquin

We are please to tell you that our lovely daughter Bec is engaged to be married to a wondeful young man, Joaquin is Spanish and has lived all his life in Rojales. He is quiet, caring and you only have to see him with Bec to know how much they love and care for each other. Time to start planning the wedding now would be great if the economic crisis was not an issue. As it is Joaquin is like so many others at present, struggling to find work. He is an excellent tiler, painter and general handyman plus a careful driver. Becs loves the fact that Joaquin is like her dad and can just about fix anything. We are all looking for work for him so feel free to put some his way. Joaquin is very patient with my poor Spanish and helps us a lot in learning the language. All his family live in the Rojales area, as with most Spanish families they are very close and do everything they can to help each other. Great big congratulations to the happy couple,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Angel moves in

We have been thinking about it for a while and on Saturday finally made the decision to give foster care to a dog. So while we were at the K9 animal rescue, La Marina animal welfare charity shop, we left our details with Brenda, later in the day we got a phone call to tell us that there was a dog that needed a temporary home, So yesterday morning Brenda from K9 club and the dog arrived. She is a medium sized dog called Angel and after a short while she is settling in well. Fostering a dog is an easy process and no expences need to be incurred as food, bedding and any vets fees are covered. It is a great idea for people who would like a dog or cat but cannot through other commitments have one permanently, and of course it is great for the animals as they have a caring environment while a permanent home is found for them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wild windy weather

Yesterday was a wild and windy day, winds were recorded at 150 Kilometres an hour. At La Nucia in the Benidorm area an electricity pylon was blown down which started a massive forest fire, this was fanned by the strong wind and by evening around 15000 people in 25 neighbourhoods had to be evacuated from their properties. The fire brigade, police and army from the Valencia and Madrid regions were still struggling to bring the fires under control at 01:00 this morning. There are three Canadair planes and a Kamov helicopter standing by to join in as soon as the wind conditions allow.
Elsewhere in the region roads were strewn with broken branches, fallen trees, tiles and TV aerials were blown from roofs. along the coast exposed to the wind, massive waves battered the sea walls. It looks like we were relatively lucky here on the Vega Baja although we did loose electricity for a small part of the day.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cometh the hour cometh the man

Even in our little backwater there has been some excitment about the US getting a new President. Most people you speak to are happy and relieved to see the new President take office. We watched on CNN, courtesy of a 5 euro satellite receiver bought at a boot sale, regular readers will know we do not bother with UK TV. It was very moving to see the American people welcome this change. I thought President Obamas speech was quite uplifting. I particularly liked the line "we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist" lets hope the thought takes hold.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

British Indoor Market

A new British indoor market has opened on the road between Rojales and Formentera, the market hall was formally the alumininium window factory next to the Paint shop, when we visited today there was around 20 stalls, these comprised of food and household products, UK brand clothes, antiques and collectables, fresh fruit and vegetables, Meat and pies, Home made cakes, greetings cards, Videos and DVDs, second hand books, A Dutch food stall, Furniture, British sweets and jewellery, Jacuzzis, electrical goods and Aqua massage, Tea and coffee is available.
The Market is open every weekday from 10:00 - 14:00.
Its clear that someone has gone to a lot of trouble to set up this venture and we hope that it remains a success.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Storm damage

Once again the front line properties along Guardamar beach have taken the worse of the storms, at the end of the road there is one property left undamaged, and several large gaps in the row where buildings have had to be demolished, last summer, the Ayuntamiento put in walls of sticks and pathways in these areas to try to promote regeneration. Every winter these properties take a battering and more disappear,there was a rumour they were all being pulled down as they were illegally built, maybe that is why the damaged buildings are not being replaced.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Horse Rescue Centre

A horse rescue centre has been set up on the outskirts of Rojales, it is called The Easy horse care rescue centre, they have 9 horses at the moment and would welcome sponsorship, commercial and private, donations,car boot stalls, Market stalls and other help would also be appreciated.
There is an equestrian shop at the centre that has a good variety of stock, and will order any items that are not in stock or that can be found in the Shires Equestrian catalogue, Easy horse care also specialise in the unique Freemax Treeless saddle and sell second hand saddles.
To find The Rescue centre see the map on this webpage
The website
also has lots of usefull information, a newsletter, information on the founders and owners,feeding a horse in Spain and contact details.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whats the word on the streets

and in the papers. Had a quick scan through,papers and online to see what we missed. Well there's been a lot of rain while we were away. The Rio Segura is a high as we have ever seen it. Had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon up towards the main part of Formentera over the iron bridge, and that will need some work soon, then back along past the site of the commercial development in Benimar. Well not much has happened on that site, remember it was supposed to be finished by christmas, now come on did you really think it would happen. I was always doubtful and given the present economic climate its manana manana for certain. The pavements and lights have gone ahead however and when they are complete it will be a nice easy walk into Rojales that way. We do wish the powers that be would put in a foot bridge though. It would be a real asset to be able to cross at the spot opposite the end of avenida Los Palacios. That would give easy access to the old part of the town and the lovely new garden area leading up to the Salud.
As i said its really rained a lot in the last few weeks,there was a humdinger of a storm last saturday for our return. We wonder if the rain and last years earthquakes had anything to do with the collapse of a cave house in the old town. Sadly a local lady of 75 was killed as she lay sleeping. This was the house she was born in and that her father had built. What an awful end to the year for her family.
The current employment situation is pretty desperate here. In the last year the number of unemployed has risen by 1 million. Spain now has the highest unemployment in europe and that's just the registered unemployed. Its a fact of life that many work without papers here and we assume this do not show in the statistics.
Some people are packing up and moving back to UK but others are moving out here. I know where we would rather be. As I said we had a lovely walk and spring was in the air, blue sky, oxalis in flower, birds singing and even saw a Hooppe. The smell of oranges and roses in bloom, come on you know what ticks the boxes for us.Just love it here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back again

Well we are back home again, after a busy Christmas and new year, we talk about it being noisy here but it is generally lot quieter than the UK, whenever you are outside the traffic noise is always in the background, as we were flying into Alicante the roads looked deserted, mind you it was Saturday afternoon, While we were away heard from Bec that she had got engaged to Joaquin and they may get married this summer so some planning to do. Not much else seems to have occurred around here.
The poll regarding the beach restrictions in Benidorm has finished, from the votes it appears that not being able to have sex and drink on the beach are the highest concerns so i am slightly worried about the outcome of this poll!
As we have a new "Dr Who we thought it would be fun to think of some alternative Dr Whos and who you would think would be good, so vote on our choice in the next poll.
Anyway we must be getting around and about again to bring the latest news and developments in story and photo.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ford Bargain

A happy new year to all,Do you fancy a new car as a belated Christmas present, well, Ford Spain began discounting many of its new car prices by 25% last Monday. The company denied it was getting rid of a glut of unsold vehicles, claiming instead it was responding to the ‘delicate' situation dealers are in at present. All models, except the latest models of Fiesta, Ka and Kuga, are included in the offer which continues until January 24.