Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Whats the word on the streets

and in the papers. Had a quick scan through,papers and online to see what we missed. Well there's been a lot of rain while we were away. The Rio Segura is a high as we have ever seen it. Had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon up towards the main part of Formentera over the iron bridge, and that will need some work soon, then back along past the site of the commercial development in Benimar. Well not much has happened on that site, remember it was supposed to be finished by christmas, now come on did you really think it would happen. I was always doubtful and given the present economic climate its manana manana for certain. The pavements and lights have gone ahead however and when they are complete it will be a nice easy walk into Rojales that way. We do wish the powers that be would put in a foot bridge though. It would be a real asset to be able to cross at the spot opposite the end of avenida Los Palacios. That would give easy access to the old part of the town and the lovely new garden area leading up to the Salud.
As i said its really rained a lot in the last few weeks,there was a humdinger of a storm last saturday for our return. We wonder if the rain and last years earthquakes had anything to do with the collapse of a cave house in the old town. Sadly a local lady of 75 was killed as she lay sleeping. This was the house she was born in and that her father had built. What an awful end to the year for her family.
The current employment situation is pretty desperate here. In the last year the number of unemployed has risen by 1 million. Spain now has the highest unemployment in europe and that's just the registered unemployed. Its a fact of life that many work without papers here and we assume this do not show in the statistics.
Some people are packing up and moving back to UK but others are moving out here. I know where we would rather be. As I said we had a lovely walk and spring was in the air, blue sky, oxalis in flower, birds singing and even saw a Hooppe. The smell of oranges and roses in bloom, come on you know what ticks the boxes for us.Just love it here.

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