Saturday, January 31, 2009

Angel update

Well its a week tommorrow since Angel arrived so thought you might like a progress report. Angel has settled in very well, she's a lovely calm little dog. Angel likes a run in the campo but is very well behaved and never runs off too far or refuses to come when called. Its clear that her previous family spent time and trouble training her, she likes a routine and is always ready for her dinner around 6, she does not bother you at the table like some dogs will and is very good around our cat Suzi, though Suzi is a bit of a grumpy boots at times. This week she has met up with mad Jack from around the corner (see earlier post about him) She has also met Rocky the rescue dog on several occasions, think Rocky is in love! Angel is going to meet the local Vet Javier on monday as she has to be spayed, plus get a blood test.
Do get in touch with K9 if you think you can give Angel the loving home she deserves,

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