Friday, July 31, 2009


We have always been amazed and pleased at how often the streets here are swept. You very rarely saw rubbish gathering in the gutters around the area. Not so this summer, many of us noticed that there was a distinct lack of cleaning going on. After speaking to the two guys doing the work this year we now know what the problem is, its two guys! Quite simply the work force has been cut back compared to other years. These two man are doing there best to get around everywhere but sometimes they just don't manage too. Now we see there is a street cleaning machine being used. How much better when the work was done by a your actual human being. Not only where the streets cleaner but it also provided much needed work for quite a few local people. A machine driven around when many streets are still full of parked cars is a poor substitute for the human touch. Once again progress wins over common sense.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


noisy radio
Thats just what Torrevieja Town council should have told some local pubs and discos to do.However they did not and local residents have now been awarded compensation of up to 12000 euros. I am sure those who have suffered the noise since 1997 will be over the moon, not because of the pay out but because they may now get a decent nights sleep. The town hall was found guilty of failing to comply with anti-noise legislation. Anyone who lives within earshoot of similar establishments will no doubt be taking a keen interest in this legal ruling.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rescue Me

John did his first "Animal Ambulance" rescue run yesterday. He a got a phone call from K9 collected the ambulance and headed out to Villa Martin. His mission there was to collect 6 very young puppies which then had to be delivered to a saint of a fosterer who has just hand reared one litter and was ready and willing to take on another bunch. What an amazing lady she is. The mission did not end there however next stop was Punta Prima. No dogs this time but a chinchilla would you believe. This exotic creature was found on a traffic island and taken in by another Brit who was holidaying here. After three days of trying to find its owner or a new home she rang K9 for help. The lady was due to go home and needed to know the poor creature would be in good hands. It has been duly delivered to a kind hearted vet who will keep it till it is rehomed.
Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger than ground squirrels, native to the Andes mountains in South America.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lils Birthday

Lils birthday
Its was a big happy birthday to Lil last week form her very many friends here. A bunch of whom went out for a chinese meal then had a drink on the square later. Lil is a much loved good neighbour to many here and always ready to lend a hand if needed, shes also a mine of information on whats happening and who can help with whatever. Her home is full of rescue animals latest editon is mischief the cat with no tail.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Official Fire Alert

Its nice to know someones reading the blog: Today the The Interior Ministry’s Civil Protection directorate has given a warning that all of the country is danger of forest fires. He also warned the public is to be particularly careful with discarding cigarette butts and glass bottles. The latter can easily act as a magnifying lens in starting a forest fire. You read it first here folks! Incidently the smoke we saw here yesterday may well have been from the fires north of Alicante. As I write this More than 200 hectares are still burning out of control in the area described as ‘the lung of the Marina Alta’, the large forestry area inland in the north of the Alicante region.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fire Fire!!

We have been experiencing some seriously hot weather in the last few weeks and everywhere is tinder dry. There seems to be little warning here of what must be a real danger of wild fires. We are very aware of what this can mean, as our eldest daughter lives in the state of Victoria in Australia and last year we all had weeks of anxiety as fires raged all around the area she lives in, evacuation was necessary on one occasion.
However as I say we do not see many signs of official advice on what to do or indeed what not to do. I know some of the public BBQs have police tape around them and notices that they cannot be used so that's one thing at least. It appears that there are less firework displays too though there are some going on.
Other parts of spain are having large forest fires and four Fire fighters were killed near Tarragona with another two injured. There was a fire near Benidorm recently which thankfully was quickly brought under control. It surprises us that towns do not have signs saying total fire ban day etc.
The job of preventing fires is really down to us all though, in Australia property owners constantly make sure that little or no rubbish around that could help a fire spread.
Careless actions like throwing lighted cigarettes from your car or as you are out walking could so easily result in a fire starting. Leaving glass lying around in the sun is another potential hazard.
Like the Health and safety rule says, look in the mirror and you will see the person with the responsibility your health and safety.

Even today in the Vega baja area the skies where full of dark brown smoke so do check you insurance, rural properties are most at risk.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Better safe...........

As the school holidays begin in UK we expect to see a few more families coming out for a break, though I have to say its mighty quite to date. It seems a good time to remind people of the dangers of swimming in the sea. There was yet another fatality along the costa, at La Marina beach, a family group went in and one of them lost there life. I do not know what warning flag was flying at the time but I do know how often we see people ignoring warnings. A few days ago the the yellow caution flag was flying and we saw so truly foolish behavior. One mother took her two primary school age children in to the surf on lilos, other even younger children where left to play in the water alone, it takes a second for anyone to fall so what chance would a young child have? In the first week of august last year at least 7 people drown while using the beaches in Spain. It would be a good idea to fine those who enter the sea when the red flag is flying. Why should we have young people working as life guards risking there lives to save those who will not heed the warnings. Last year we witnessed what could have been an appalling tragedy at Guardamamr. A couple walked into the sea with their young children in there arms, it was evening and the life guards where off duty. How luck for this family that all the guards had stayed to play volley ball because the parents could not get out of the water and were in danger of being sweep away. Thank goodness the life guards realized the danger and got them all out of the water. believe me they would have had no chance if help had not been so close at hand.
While we are on the subject its alarming to see how many parents think one life guard at the local pool makes it safe for them to forego any parental responsibility. You get good quality lifeguards and you get bad, would you make a judgment on which is which when a childs life may depend upon it? Please please be careful on the beach and in the pool. Have a good holiday too.
Footnote: Shortly after writing this blog I read in the paper that a 3 year old child had been drown in the municipal pool at Catral. A life guard was on duty and there where many people in the pool but sadly no one noticed until it was to late.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Alicante airport runs

With the police taking action against illegal taxiing to the airport, they have started to take it too far, people who are just taking or collecting relatives or friends for flights are being stopped and fined up to 3000 euros. The police say it is up to the driver, not the police to prove passengers were not paying fares, and anyone recieving a fine has up to 15 days to appeal. One woman has had to take a written statement from a relative stating that she was not running a taxi service.
As a matter of interest we have contacted the British embassy for some clarification on the situation, but recieved no reply and it appears the British consulate are not interested in the matter.
Its an infringement of human rights when you are scared to go and meet your friends at the airport, and you have to tell them that they will have to pay for a taxi.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Picnic Party in the Square

By kind permission of Pedro we had a picnic party in the square other other night, We pulled a few tables together and everybody brought a plate or two (or three) of nibbles, salad, pizza, which went down well with the drinks from the kiosk, it was a nice social event on Lils sisters last night of their holidays.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dama de Noche

Dama de Nocha
It Really feels hot at the moment and looking back the temperature is up on last year. We think real killer is the humidity though, you know,you have a shower and you cannot get dry. Even sitting working on the PC the water is dripping down your back like a shower. When its like this its nice to take a stroll just as its getting dark and a little bit cooler. Billie our foster dog loves it too, though I am always on the look out for low flying bats!
What is amazing is how perfumed the air is. The sent of Jasmine seems to travel for miles. Our particular favorite is the a flower that grows in abundance around here, the Dama De Noche (Lady of the Night). The perfume from these flowers is just so beautiful, it really fills the night air with its sweet scent. Other times of the year you get the smell of orange blossom, sweet peas in cultivated plots and self-seeded into the wild. Its the simple thing in life that make living in Spain worthwhile and give us pleasure

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snake in the toilet

python snake
When a man in Alicante, went to the bathroom last thing at night last week he got a quite a surprise because a Python had its head sticking out from underneath the toilet seat, at first he thought it was an umbrella handle,funny place to keep an umbrella! The local police were called, who decided to kill the one and a half metre reptile.
The snake was probably an escaped pet that had gone through the drainage system.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Standing room only

overloaded plane
Ryanair are considering taking the seats out of their planes to create vertical travelling, apparently there would be stool type things to lean against, and be strapped onto. Also there are plans that you will have to carry your own hold luggage to the aircraft and away again at point of arrival, unless you pay for the service. with the possibility of coin operated toilets, a fat tax, and definitely lousy coffee. They are certainly leading the way.
From experience, you may book a cheap flight, but by the time the taxes and extras are added on it works out more expensive than the other budget airlines, and the service is poor as well.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Moray eels are moving in

Moray eel

Yesterday, the Cruz Roja beach patrol flew the yellow flag, at a cove of the Aguamarina Beach in Orihuela Costa, after a number of moray eels were seen close inshore. One swimmer, a 35 year old holiday maker from Italy, was bitten on the hand when he tried to drag one of the eels to the beach, and it was he who gave the warning to lifeguards from the Red Cross.

Apparently a spokesman for the Red Cross said it was likely to be an isolated event, saying that, while there were an unusual number of moray eels in the area, they were not enough to be described as a shoal.

As long as they dont feel threatened they will not attack, unless they think you will make a nice dinner.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Billy comes to stay

Billy the dog
We have a new foster dog for the time being, he is a very happy smiley little dog who is very well behaved and is very good natured, he is around 5 years old and loves to go out for a walk,At the moment though Suzie the cat is giving him a wide berth.Billy arrived with us yesterday in the San Fulgencio animal rescue vehicle, and was enjoying air conditioned comfort in the back, hopefully he will soon be found a new permanent home.

Friday, July 03, 2009

No rain this June

Just looking back, and we did not have any rain in June this year, last year (2008) there was six days where it rained, some of this was thunderstorms.
The Rojales Moors and Christians parade is this weekend and the run up has started with the blunderbusses being fired throughout the evening, and then the music and dancing throughout the night. Surprisingly though the discos and bands take place in the New market area, from our roof terrace it could be next door.
Our rooftop airbed was leaking too much so Bec has lent us hers, so last night we settled down to a cool night "on the tiles" but gave up around 02:00 as the music was too loud, looks like we are back inside again with the air conditioning untill the Moors and Christians have finished.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More of a splash (paint) than a ripple

cement,drill and disco balls
Paint tin
Its amazing that things can happen just around the corner and you don't know a thing about it for days. Sometime last week-end, and we have yet to hear which day, the Bacanal disco bar was vandalised both inside and out. Furniture completly wrecked and rather a lot of paint thrown around including grafitti on the outside. Have yet to met anyone who heard a thing.
Don't get excited though the place was back to "open for business" within hours we were informed, with discarded fixtures and fittings disappearing even as new stuff was arriving. No manana there then! As I say no one appears to have heard a thing, I suspect that many of those who live next to the bars could not give a dam what happens to them and would hardly be likely to rush out and save them.
We knew nothing until Lil around the corner called in for a cuppa the other morning.So we are left to speculate on who may have committed the crime, disgruntled customer perhaps? Though in general its would seem it is those who have to put up with the inconvenience these places cause, we residents, who are disgruntled. My guess is we locals where all to busy trying to catch up on some sleep when the deed was done.