Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More of a splash (paint) than a ripple

cement,drill and disco balls
Paint tin
Its amazing that things can happen just around the corner and you don't know a thing about it for days. Sometime last week-end, and we have yet to hear which day, the Bacanal disco bar was vandalised both inside and out. Furniture completly wrecked and rather a lot of paint thrown around including grafitti on the outside. Have yet to met anyone who heard a thing.
Don't get excited though the place was back to "open for business" within hours we were informed, with discarded fixtures and fittings disappearing even as new stuff was arriving. No manana there then! As I say no one appears to have heard a thing, I suspect that many of those who live next to the bars could not give a dam what happens to them and would hardly be likely to rush out and save them.
We knew nothing until Lil around the corner called in for a cuppa the other morning.So we are left to speculate on who may have committed the crime, disgruntled customer perhaps? Though in general its would seem it is those who have to put up with the inconvenience these places cause, we residents, who are disgruntled. My guess is we locals where all to busy trying to catch up on some sleep when the deed was done.

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