Saturday, June 27, 2009

A little ripple in the tranquil pond

Almoradi town hall
It is alarming to here that two doormen at an Almoradi night club suffered gunshot wounds this week. It appears police have arrested a local Bolivian man in connection with the incident. With so many nightclubs on our doorstep we can only hope it was an isolated incident. Certainly all seem calm at the market today, in fact there was a wonderful atmosphere in and around the market. Sitting in the square watching the world go by was a pleasent way to spent half an hour. We called at the Brit market on the way good to see so many people there and the auction in full swing. Hats off to the women who run this enterprise they are pulling out all the stops to market it work for them and the stall holders. If you want to send a request for the stall holders, just get on to TKO any week day morning between 9 and 12.
We are starting to see a few more holidaymakers around the area now and the weather is really really hoting up. Lots of BBQs on the roof for us now we have the area shaded its perfect helps keep the apartment cooler too, a good tip we learn'nt from our Spanish neighbours.
As for the little local trouble as I said fingers crossed it was just that!

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