Thursday, June 25, 2009

Market in the streets,and Guardamar.

Rojales market was always in the Rojales streets untill the new market area/car park by the river was created, but at this time of year for the period of the Moors and Christians it has moved back into the streets again for the next few weeks, many people prefer it and think there is a better atmosphere. It makes it interesting as you have to find your favourite stalls all over again.
Meanwhile at Guardamar Del Segura renovation of the town hall and the streets around it are causing havoc as roads are closed that are normally major routes to the tourist areas and beaches, and it is quite easy to end up on a one way system going the opposite direction to where you want to be. How long this will go on, who knows but what are the town hall officials thinking of, arranging this work at time of year, that there is a major influx of visitors.

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