Friday, June 26, 2009

British councillor of San Fulgencio dies

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The Town of San Fulgencio , which includes the urbanisition of la Marina, has held two days of official mourning for the late Michael Peter Blake who held a seat on the towns council. Mr. Blake who was 61 died on Tuesday from a brain haemorrhage. He has been praised for his work by the Mayor of San Fulgencio, the Socialist, Senora Trinidad Martínez.
His death leaves the governing group in the town in a minority, and his place on the council will probably be taken by another member of the AIM list – the Mediterranean Independent Association.
The Mayor spoke warmly of Mr.Blake calling him a ‘todo un señor’. (all Gentleman)
It is never easy to stand up and ask the public to give you their confidence and their vote, anyone one who has stood in any kind of election will tell you that. Mr. Blake did this in as an immigrant in this country so was brave indeed. Politics and allegiances are put aside at times like this and i think we would all say RIP Peter whilst also sending our condolences to his family and friends.

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