Sunday, June 07, 2009

Holiday let clampdown

There is a new clampdown on property owners in Spain who let to tourists and are not registered with their local tourism authority, and they will face fines of up to €30,000, A community that has a holiday let within it can also be subject to large fines, this creates a situation where a whole community will be pay the penalty for one property owner breaking the law.
The Spanish authorities are researching websites and checking paperwork in an attempt to stamp out unregistered letting. Neighbours are even reporting people to the authorities.
The reason many people do not register their holiday lets is to avoid taxes, and the charges made by the tourist authority to register and let through them are high.
Properties that are let on a lease for periods of longer than 6 weeks are not regarded as holiday lets and do not need to be registered with the tourist board.
I, as president of our community will be meeting with the administrators of our community to take measures to ensure all owners are registered.


Mick said...

Hi John,
I live on a community on the Costa Blanca and would be interested to know where you learnt of the crackdown by the authorities. It is worrying if some of our owners are unregistered - and I'm sure they are - that we can be fined. Do you have any update on this item?

John and Mary Middleton said...

I have not got any further information on this issue yet.

tims place said...

john can you tell me is this a one off payment and how much it is or a payment every year

John and Mary Middleton said...

Sorry, i have no idea about costs or frequency of payment you could ask your solicitor or the town hall.

Tourist said...

Spain is a great place to travel..!