Friday, December 23, 2011

Crown Jewels - Guest post from Cathryn Glennon

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cathryn and I am the owner of a company called Crown Jewels. I supply high quality costume jewellery, clutch bags, and many more hand made items and accessories at the lowest possible prices. I pride myself on my prices and my professionalism, and I insist on giving the best service possible.
I started out at the beginning of October this year with my first party being held at home on the 6th. I asked all the ladies to “Dress to Impress” so we could all see how fabulous they would look with their new 'Bling'! which they all did and we had lots of fun. I set up my display and supplied drinks and nibbles and my guests were able to peruse the goods at their leisure. There was background music playing which prompted my Spanish neighbours to start dancing! Overall the evening was a total success and there was lots of great feedback as regards the beautiful displays, the service given, the presentation of the goods when they had been purchased (I like to present everything in a pretty bag so that it is all ready to give as a gift) but perhaps most importantly, the super low prices.
I understand that everyone is feeling `The Crisis' and cannot always afford something different but because I run my business from home and online, I have no overheads which means that I can really keep my products at absolute rock bottom prices which in the current climate is essential.
November and December have been exceptionally busy in the run up to Christmas and I have worked incredibly hard to make sure that all the parties have been as successful as possible.
I am also involved in several “Ladies Lunch Clubs” in the local area such as Catral, Dolores and Quesada to name but a few. It is important to me to ensure that I have plenty of goods for the ladies to look as there may well be 40 – 70 ladies at any one time in these groups so that involves lots of motorway travel to see my Spanish supplier for the ‘blingy’ items and the satin clutch bags, and using most of, if not all of my spare time sitting at my dining table with my husband, Chris Holmes with our little factory production line!! So far we have made beaded necklace/bracelet sets as well as earrings, bookmarks, cufflinks, bag charms etc. We are busy now preparing Valentines Day gifts!
Currently, I have regular presentations in my local area which is Catral but also in Villa Martin and further afield too and I am looking to expand wherever possible so I am always happy to travel to parties.
I will be presenting my display at Marjal Camping at Guardamar, as well as the new site at Crevillente and I am always looking for new organisations to get involved with.
I will be at the ‘This Is Spain Exhibition’ on 24th 25th and 26th of February at the beautiful La Zenia Hotel.
For parties in bars/restaurants. I supply everything myself and require a space of 4 meters in length. There is no cost to the bar owners and my posters are available on the website so it can be well advertised.
For private parties at home, I need the same space but the home owner will be expected to supply tea/coffee and a few nibbles and of course, their lady friends! In return, they will receive commission on all goods sold which I will be happy to discuss.
My contact details and website are as follows
Website :
Email :
Alternatively I can be contacted on +34 647 149 849.
Lastly, I look forward to hearing from you with any suggestions, bookings, ideas etc.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Roof

The talented Joaquin is putting our roof to rights. We knew it would have to be done buts its not a summer job, its dangerously hot up there when the sun is blazing. Anyway having waited to see how much it leaked, like a sieve, we knew a lot of work needed doing. In fact Joaquin found some of the tiles where held in place by mud! John would have liked to have a go at doing the job but he has no head for heights, plus it really calls for someone a little nimble, the tiles are so easy to break. To be honest its calls for a lot of Spanish know how too, most especially on an old roof like ours. So it will soon be sound rather than like a sieve above our heads. Tiles have been checked one by one, ridge re-concreted and the chimney will be rebuilt, told you he was talented. 

One worrying thing, for me anyway! Yesterday Joaquin found a full snake skin up  there. He said its OK because there wont be snakes in the winter only the summer.. Oh well that’s OK then I feel SO much better now.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Calasparra and Sanctuary

On Thursday we had a drive over to Calasparra, it is a pleasant town with a nice square where you can get a good cup of coffee and a pastry or cake, there is meant to be a cheesecake factory in Calasparra but we can never find it, however we did find the Sanctuary of the Nuestra Senora de la Esperanza, our lady of hope - the patron saint of Calasparra, it is several kilometres from Calasparra in a gorge with the Rio Segura running through it, The sanctuary dates back to the 17th century, it is a place of pilgrimage and many people travel here from all over Spain and beyond. The church which is beautiful is set into the cliffs and a mass is held on Sundays and bank holidays at 12:00. There is a gift shop, childrens play area and large restaurant with a varied menu that is very reasonably priced, There are several waymarked walks and a barbeque area down by the river. Entry is free but donations are accepted. On the way from the sanctuary there is a viewpoint where you can look across breathtaking views of the mountains, river and the rice paddy fields that Calaparra is also famous for.