Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Roof

The talented Joaquin is putting our roof to rights. We knew it would have to be done buts its not a summer job, its dangerously hot up there when the sun is blazing. Anyway having waited to see how much it leaked, like a sieve, we knew a lot of work needed doing. In fact Joaquin found some of the tiles where held in place by mud! John would have liked to have a go at doing the job but he has no head for heights, plus it really calls for someone a little nimble, the tiles are so easy to break. To be honest its calls for a lot of Spanish know how too, most especially on an old roof like ours. So it will soon be sound rather than like a sieve above our heads. Tiles have been checked one by one, ridge re-concreted and the chimney will be rebuilt, told you he was talented. 

One worrying thing, for me anyway! Yesterday Joaquin found a full snake skin up  there. He said its OK because there wont be snakes in the winter only the summer.. Oh well that’s OK then I feel SO much better now.


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Mark said...

Nice post I will be back again to read about your adventure.

Kristopher Diss said...

Glad to hear that you got your roof fixed. Cracks on the roof are a major issue during the summer season. But when the rainy season comes, it can be an inconvenience, given the constant cleaning that needs to be done. Have a wonderful summer!