Tuesday, January 29, 2008

**Update 1** New Centro Commercial near Rojales

See posting October 29th 2007 - Work has now started on the new Centro commercial, Four of the houses have been flattened these were ones between the petrol station and the roundabout and the one in the middle of the building area has gone as well. The area has been marked out by surveyors and a drainage system is being laid. Follow the progress here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cheap cheap dinners!

The Head Chef at work

Last night we went to The Pub in Benimar as they have started an "Early Bird" special between 6-8pm every Tuesday.
This week the meal consisted of a satisfying minestrone soup, followed by a delicious spagetti bolognaise with garlic bread. We were very impressed by the high standard of the food and quality of service, and for only 5.50 euros, what a bargain!

Although currently the early bird is only once weekly, we enjoy visiting The Pub regularly for its comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff. Whether you are a regular or a newcomer, you are sure to feel welcome at The Pub!

They also run events- last year they organised a Children in Need charity night which was fantastic fun- the staff participated in a variety show with some truly amusing moments. Now advertised is their special Valentines dinner, bookings being taken now and their 1940's themed night. They also have a three course Sunday lunch each week, which is well worth going along for!

Mention our Blog if you visit The Pub!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Henry´s is open

Henry´s bar restaurant on the Avenida Los Palacios is now officially open, it is located on the right hand side almost opposite the Disco clubs, owned and run by a group of British people who will be serving a fusion of British and Spanish food, for breakfast, lunch and evening meals.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Orihuela padron rules

It appears that Orihuela town hall have changed the padron laws and that anyone who applies for padron must have a residencia certificate, Orihuela are the first municipality in the region to bring this into force, Torrevieja have not yet recieved any instructions but may well in the near future.
Amongst other things this will cause problems for persons without residency wishing to register a vehicle in Spain as you need a padron certificate to register the vehicle in your name and pay SUMA on it.
Many second home owners in Spain keep a car here for using while they are visiting.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Torrevieja International

As of the beginning of the year Torrevieja´s population stands at 103,154 people registered at the padron. This is the 5th largest population in the Valencian community.
British residents make up 12,675, German 3,750, Moroccan 3,116, Russian 2,985, Swedish 2,720, Columbians 2,563 making a combined total 55,284(53.6%) and Spanish 47,870 (46.7%).
14 of this registered population is over the age of 100, 2 males and 12 females - a reflection of the relaxed lifestyle and healthy mediterannean lifestyle.
Most Spanish will be registered on the padron whereas a lot of international members of the community will not. This means that the actual amount of residents in Torrevieja are far higher than the figures show and that the Spanish population of Torrevieja is far less than the combined international population.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Firemen needed

Apparently there is a shortage of Firemen especially around the Benidorm area. Last weekend in Villajoyosa, Altea, and Benidorm there were five different fires, in a short period of time and firemen had to leave unextinquished fires to deal with the more serious ones. Thank goodness there were no lives in danger.