Thursday, January 17, 2008

Orihuela padron rules

It appears that Orihuela town hall have changed the padron laws and that anyone who applies for padron must have a residencia certificate, Orihuela are the first municipality in the region to bring this into force, Torrevieja have not yet recieved any instructions but may well in the near future.
Amongst other things this will cause problems for persons without residency wishing to register a vehicle in Spain as you need a padron certificate to register the vehicle in your name and pay SUMA on it.
Many second home owners in Spain keep a car here for using while they are visiting.


Anonymous said...


Yes read about this on the Costa Blanca News web site.

I thought that originally the town councils were only too happy to have as many northern Europeans on the Padron (whether resident or just holiday owners) as it generated more subsidy from central government.

The cynic in me thinks that the local politicians have woken up to the fact that the resident northern European may not only want to vote but form their own political parties.

Making it difficult to enrol on the Padron is just another way of preventing people voting. Again Spanish dual standards and muddled thinking


John and Mary Middleton said...

Being enrolled on the padron does not automatically entitle you to vote you still have to register certain other details.