Tuesday, January 29, 2008

**Update 1** New Centro Commercial near Rojales

See posting October 29th 2007 - Work has now started on the new Centro commercial, Four of the houses have been flattened these were ones between the petrol station and the roundabout and the one in the middle of the building area has gone as well. The area has been marked out by surveyors and a drainage system is being laid. Follow the progress here.

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Bill said...


I've just discovered your blog; it's interesting to read some of the things you have experienced since you moved to Spain. I have holiday home (for winter breaks) in the Murcia region (near Mazarrón) and am in fact travelling there at present by car, currently in Valencia. I'll be staying this time until late April.

My own little blog on my Spanish expereiences so far may perhaps be of interest:

Do you know of other bloggers in English in the Valenciana/Murcia regions, of whatever nationality?