Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Torrevieja International

As of the beginning of the year Torrevieja´s population stands at 103,154 people registered at the padron. This is the 5th largest population in the Valencian community.
British residents make up 12,675, German 3,750, Moroccan 3,116, Russian 2,985, Swedish 2,720, Columbians 2,563 making a combined total 55,284(53.6%) and Spanish 47,870 (46.7%).
14 of this registered population is over the age of 100, 2 males and 12 females - a reflection of the relaxed lifestyle and healthy mediterannean lifestyle.
Most Spanish will be registered on the padron whereas a lot of international members of the community will not. This means that the actual amount of residents in Torrevieja are far higher than the figures show and that the Spanish population of Torrevieja is far less than the combined international population.

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