Wednesday, December 19, 2007

El Gordo approaches

Its not long now before the biggest Spanish lottery of the year is drawn, This is El Gordo where 3,245 million Euros worth of tickets are sold, There are a total of 185series of 85000 tickets usually split into 10 decimos and sold separately. Participants stand an 85% chance of loosing there money, 10% will recoup there outlay and only 5% will be better off. I've just seen an old chap pass €200 over the counter at the loteria office, he probably saves up for his tickets all year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas is here

The Christmas atmosphere has arrived around here, all the streets have decorations and lights, the shops are decorated and the nativity scenes in the town squares are there for all to see, Rojales has a christmas craft market where groups from several different nationalities have tradition food and drink to sample and buy, With also freshly roasted chestnuts and Christmas music in the background.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guardamar seafront damage

Once again the seafront bungalows on the Guardamar beach have taken a hit from the high seas and strong wind, this time there are 7 or 8 properties that have been seriously damaged and much of the walkway a has been washed away. The sand seems to have shifted away, so that the heavy seas hit the walkway wall which is not built for such a battering, unless quick action is taken all these properties are going to be destroyed.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Opening day at Casa Corretto

The Casa Corretto restaurant and bar had its official opening day yesterday, lots of people turned up to celebrate and enjoy the light hearted and amusing banter from the entertainer who also sang for us, there was a superb free buffet created by the resident chef and plenty of free wine and beer flowing. The weather was really good allowing us to sit outside in beautifull sunshine, their we witnessed the low level fly by of a light plane and a helicopter whos pilot aborted its attempt to kidnap the entertainer, we left late afternoon and the party was still in full swing....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Quiz night at Woodys

Decided to have a night out last night so we went over to Woodys at Benimar for a drink and a joined in the fun quiz. Free to enter with six categories, and a bottle of wine for the winning team for each category, the questions were meant to be quite easy, but we were a disgrace and came last, we did a little better with family fortunes, and actually won a bottle of wine in the "Play your cards right" game, Where the rolled over prize was €158 which was skillfully won by one of the players.