Monday, June 08, 2009

Aurora Borealis opens

Aurora Borealis
Its a big day for our daughter today as she opens her stall in the British market in Formentera del Segura. Its really buzzing in the market these days so Bec is looking forward to adding to the lively atmosphere in this hive of activity.
Bec has called her business AURORA BOREALIS and is selling lots of interesting things. I love the soap and shampoo bars the sort you slice which have amazing perfumes, you know the kind you get in Lush in UK, one lady who has tried them already said she thought she was in heaven when she used some in the shower. Bec also has a nice collection of books on various interesting and alternative subjects. Its smells wonderful around her pitch from the incences, oils and candles. Bec is also making use of her talent for reading the Tarot cards. Bec is also quite an expert on crystals and their properties so will be selling these, they can be used in healing and have powerful properties. New stock will be added all the time as she sources the kind of goods she wants to have on her stall.

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jo said...

Wish Bec good luck from me, we'll try and pop in when we are over in a few weeks time.