Friday, July 03, 2009

No rain this June

Just looking back, and we did not have any rain in June this year, last year (2008) there was six days where it rained, some of this was thunderstorms.
The Rojales Moors and Christians parade is this weekend and the run up has started with the blunderbusses being fired throughout the evening, and then the music and dancing throughout the night. Surprisingly though the discos and bands take place in the New market area, from our roof terrace it could be next door.
Our rooftop airbed was leaking too much so Bec has lent us hers, so last night we settled down to a cool night "on the tiles" but gave up around 02:00 as the music was too loud, looks like we are back inside again with the air conditioning untill the Moors and Christians have finished.

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