Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Better safe...........

As the school holidays begin in UK we expect to see a few more families coming out for a break, though I have to say its mighty quite to date. It seems a good time to remind people of the dangers of swimming in the sea. There was yet another fatality along the costa, at La Marina beach, a family group went in and one of them lost there life. I do not know what warning flag was flying at the time but I do know how often we see people ignoring warnings. A few days ago the the yellow caution flag was flying and we saw so truly foolish behavior. One mother took her two primary school age children in to the surf on lilos, other even younger children where left to play in the water alone, it takes a second for anyone to fall so what chance would a young child have? In the first week of august last year at least 7 people drown while using the beaches in Spain. It would be a good idea to fine those who enter the sea when the red flag is flying. Why should we have young people working as life guards risking there lives to save those who will not heed the warnings. Last year we witnessed what could have been an appalling tragedy at Guardamamr. A couple walked into the sea with their young children in there arms, it was evening and the life guards where off duty. How luck for this family that all the guards had stayed to play volley ball because the parents could not get out of the water and were in danger of being sweep away. Thank goodness the life guards realized the danger and got them all out of the water. believe me they would have had no chance if help had not been so close at hand.
While we are on the subject its alarming to see how many parents think one life guard at the local pool makes it safe for them to forego any parental responsibility. You get good quality lifeguards and you get bad, would you make a judgment on which is which when a childs life may depend upon it? Please please be careful on the beach and in the pool. Have a good holiday too.
Footnote: Shortly after writing this blog I read in the paper that a 3 year old child had been drown in the municipal pool at Catral. A life guard was on duty and there where many people in the pool but sadly no one noticed until it was to late.

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