Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fire Fire!!

We have been experiencing some seriously hot weather in the last few weeks and everywhere is tinder dry. There seems to be little warning here of what must be a real danger of wild fires. We are very aware of what this can mean, as our eldest daughter lives in the state of Victoria in Australia and last year we all had weeks of anxiety as fires raged all around the area she lives in, evacuation was necessary on one occasion.
However as I say we do not see many signs of official advice on what to do or indeed what not to do. I know some of the public BBQs have police tape around them and notices that they cannot be used so that's one thing at least. It appears that there are less firework displays too though there are some going on.
Other parts of spain are having large forest fires and four Fire fighters were killed near Tarragona with another two injured. There was a fire near Benidorm recently which thankfully was quickly brought under control. It surprises us that towns do not have signs saying total fire ban day etc.
The job of preventing fires is really down to us all though, in Australia property owners constantly make sure that little or no rubbish around that could help a fire spread.
Careless actions like throwing lighted cigarettes from your car or as you are out walking could so easily result in a fire starting. Leaving glass lying around in the sun is another potential hazard.
Like the Health and safety rule says, look in the mirror and you will see the person with the responsibility your health and safety.

Even today in the Vega baja area the skies where full of dark brown smoke so do check you insurance, rural properties are most at risk.

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i so love Spain - though I havent been there actually! yet hoping to visit the place one day.

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