Friday, August 14, 2009

Sale of the Century

We have decided after much thought to put our apartment on the market. We will not be leaving Spain or even the Costa Blanca though, so A BRIT IN SPAIN will continue, in fact I doubt it will change much in the near future, the housing market is not exactly red hot at the moment. Must be the gipsy blood in me that gives me itchy feet every few years, we have our sights on Guardamar del Segura so its not going to be a big trek when we do move. This means the blog will remain very much focused on the same area.
We have chosen to go with EASYBUY to market our property. You will find us HERE. We like the idea of their rent to buy scheme and would consider selling our place in that way. However as I say we all know how slow the market is and we are not in a great hurry, its more a long term plan. Now I've said that I can just picture a buyer materialising next week! If by chance you are interested do email us via the blog if you have any questions re the apartment.
Footnote: I like to think, old romantic that I am, that coming to Spain was something of a return to family roots all be it the shifting travelling kind.


Anonymous said...

This is not good news we have a apartment in Formentera del Segura and we check this everyday to keep up to date with whats happening.

John and Mary Middleton said...

I think it may be a long while before we move, but even then we shall be keeping everyone up to date with the local news as we shall not be far away.