Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Like it Hot, Some don't

fragile notice
Another weekend looms and the hot hot weather continues. We have seen no reports about the reservoirs but our guess is they are very low indeed, more fires in other parts of Spain as the country remains tinder dry. Fire is not the only danger in the hot weather tempers are apt to flare also when the mercury is high. Being trapped in a traffic queue seems to add to the need to vent anger and horns will beep for the slightest reason. Its always a few degrees cooler down by the sea so maybe that’s the place to be, you can of course stick on the aircon but we try to be as environmentally friendly as we can so use our very little.
Our tip is taking an evening stroll through the reserve in Guardamar, go down to the Marina for a cold drink or an ice-cream. There is something about being closes to nature that’s very soothing. Some lovely flowers out right now too. We are still trying to find out the name of a striking white lily type plant that always appears at this time of year. Most people seem to respect this lovely area and leave the wild flowers to grow.
Its almost 6 here and still baking hot so we may well take our own advise and head on down for a leisurely walk as the sun goes down

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