Monday, August 10, 2009

important news (part two)

Being a president of a community of owners is a thankless task at the best of times now another legal issue has arisen that anyone who is president of there community needs to be aware of. Last week a number of Britons are amongst 60 people arrested across Spain as part of a National Police crackdown on the redistribution of pirated television transmissions. Amongst those arrested were Presidents and Financial administrators. Commercial operators have also been detained and two illegal cable television businesses which supplied pirated pay-TV signals for a monthly fee have been closed. This is the first time in Spain, the administrators of an Internet site have been arrested on charges of illegally rebroadcasting pay-TV channels on a website.
We already knew that a president could be held legally responsible in some instances but we will be checking this one out. The question we need answers for is what happens if owners in a community are recieving illegal TV signals, will that mean the whole community is in trouble or is it only if the community has a set up they all share. I know some communities in Formentera have gone down this route, in fact a friend of mine was more or less forced to pay towards a system she did not want and in truth is pretty useless.
So Presidents beware now is a good time to speak to your administrator about how culpable you are in this regard

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