Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of an Era

Shop front

A couple of weeks ago we noticed a sign on the garden ornament shop opposite Dia and InterMarche which read "Jubilacion". Not a word we hade come across but it sounded like some sort of celebration was taking place. Back at home we checked our trusty Spanish/ english dictionary and found the work actually meant retirement. Well I guess for the man concerned it is a jolly good reason for a celebration!
We always feel a little sad though when such a local landmark of a business closes as it appears this one will shortly be doing.
The shop is really a treasure trove of thing outdoors and much used by Brits when the want to decorate the outside of there apartments and houses. So hurry hurry if there is something you want along those lines. Bargains to had too with up to 50% off.
We are hoping the family will remain in this lovely unspoilt old building and the shop area will become there patio area as it must have been many years ago.

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