Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Flaming July

Guardamar beach
Its official July was the hottest for 40 years. It is still very very hot so lets see if August breaks any records. Fires are still raging in the tinder dry country. After a quiet start holiday makers are starting to arrive as they try to escape the UK rain. Guardamar of course is always busy as it is a favorite destination for holidaymakers of the home grown variety from Madrid. Beaches are looking pretty crowed most especially right down at the waters age where it is coolest. Go after 4 o'clock and you can catch some shade from the beach houses as the sun goes over the top. Its great to sit in the park too where there is always some shade from the trees. perfect for a little siesta after a nice lunch in one of the many great restaurants in the town.


Brindy said...

Too true, July was hot. We're just up the coast near Mojacar, fortunately we were safe from the fires. Your beach photos look just like ours, a band of sunbathers along a strip near the sea and a whole area of empty beach.

Victoria Twead said...

Well, I live in Spain, have a daughter in Australia and a son in London. Are we clones??! And now I know for sure that July was REALLY hot. Are you on twitter? I'm VictoriaTwead on twitter. Nice blog, I shall follow it.

John and Mary Middleton said...

Our daughter lives near Melbourne,
Dont tell me!!!