Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Suzy the cat in a tizzy

Suzy the cat

Suzy is a darling but when she makes up her mind there's no changing it. Suzy seems to have done just that with regards Billie the dog. Billie so wants to be friends and is very enthusiastic, Suzy is have none of it. So its all been a game of musical animals for the last few weeks or is it more like a french farce, dog in one door cat out another and visa versa, and never the twane shall meet.
Jo and Gary around the corner, other end of the streeet from Lil around the corner, have taken in another wee stray dog. The ever popular local vet Javier told Jo about this little white ball of fluff the other day. Its a year old and had been found running wild on the streets of a local town so was but in the pound. Fearing it would soon be put down Jo and Gary have taken it in. They say until its found a new home but somehow ........ well I don't think it will be moving on any time soon.

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