Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A night out of town

Las Dunas Hotel
As I said in an earlier blog we really want to move to Guardamar del segura. With this in mind we decided on saturday to spend sunday night there. Little realizing how lucky it was to find a room, it was a major spanish holiday, we set off on sunday morning for our very mini break. When we got to the town it became a little clearer how crazy it was. The place was full the beach road was closed by the police as there was no more parking space. We had booked into the Las Dunas right down by the beach, luckily they found us a space under the washing line!. The hotel is only open for a short time during the year. The staff are so so helpful and friendly the rooms are very very clean as are the public area. The room facilities are simple, beds are comfortable and each room has a balcony. Lots of variety in the continental breakfast. The Bar prices are amazing a beer is only a euros so is a good cup of coffee. We enjoyed a stroll through the night market a meal near the park and an evening stroll along the beach. Next morning we had an early walk on the beach, we always find it strange to see the sun rising from the seas horizon, it was always the other way around when we lived in Cornwall.

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