Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Shall Have A Fishy

Even though we live inland now its still possible to get some wonderful fresh fish. Mercadona has its usual wet fish counter, there a branch in Abaran and two in Cieza. However there are also some extremely good dedicated shops dotted around. Our nearest is the little one in Blanca on the Calle Gran Via is called ROSA opposite the hotel ( I think every city town and village in Spain has a Gran Via. There is also fresh fish for sale in Blancas indoor market, so lots of choice. The little shop in Blanca gets our vote as it happens. On Saturday Rebecca and Joaquin came over for lunch and brought a nice big piece of Mero. Maybe it is because it feeds mainly on other fish, crabs and octopus that it tastes so good. It is very greedy and one of the major predators in the Mediterranean sea, a local fish and thats a major factor with us we do not want to buy imported foods. Mero is consider the finest of fish here in Spain.A member of the grouper species it has wonderful firm flesh and a taste somewhere between halibut and sea bass.The Spanish say 'De la mar el mero y de la tierra el cordero' (From the sea the dusky grouper, from the land the lamb). With freshly picked lemons to season it lived up to its reputation as a very special dish indeed. Sitting outside in the early autumn sunshine enjoying a family lunch, how good can it get? no better indeed.

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