Monday, October 24, 2011

Auch to Isle (Limoge)

We got an early start this morning, it was just getting light, though the drive is only 360 kilometres we were ready so we left, i set the sat nav to NO tolls, so we followed the motorway on country roads for 200 kilometres then joined the non paying for motorway for a 100 kilometres, we stopped at  an aire for lunch, a really nice picnic area with great relaxing surroundings the only problem was the weather is getting worse the further North we travel, and it was quite cold and very windy. but we still have not had any rain.
 While we were on the motorway today we there was a Red Kite hovering about fifty foot above our carraigeway, just as we were near it it started swooping down in front of us so i blasted the horn and it veered away but it was a close thing. but we had an amazing view of it, A noticable thing the further North in France we travel the faster people are driving, but the traffic so far is nothing in volume compared to the UK.
Tomorrow we travel from Isle to Villiers de Morhier

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