Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blanca to Huesca

We left home around 8 oclock, It was still dark, being Saturday the roads were very quiet, i had set the Sat nav to the shortest route to Requena so we had an interesting drive down some country roads, it was single track at one stage! from Requena to Teruel there are some fantastic rock formations, landscapes and the autumn colours were amazing. we stopped in a small village called Libros for coffee, this village is between the mountains and has the River Turia running through it. After Teruel we got onto the A23 which is a fast, fairly straight road most of the way to Huesca, we did stop for lunch but the flies drove us away. The landscape is very flat and we saw quite a few Vultures and Kites on this part of the journey. We found our Hotel and after sending some emails on the hotels free Wi Fi went for a walk around the town (city)? there is some amazing architecture, and a cathedral, thinking we were going to an art gallery we went to the Cultural centre the exhibition was of the sculptor (Steve Gibson) had created around a hundred pidgeons of cardboard? which filled the Gallery floor space, they were placed as you would probably see them feeding in a public square, very unusual as some of the pidgeons had no heads. After that, time for dinner but the Chino was closed up, and it appears that most restuarants dont open till after 9:00pm. We were hungry and as there are many Tapas bars, decided on a selection of tapas and a couple of glasses of beer each. and sat on a terrace watching the world go by. Its much colder here than down in Blanca, the hotel receptionist tells us the early morning temperatures are near freezing. Tomorrow we will drive from Huesca to Auch in France. around 270 Kilometres and crossing the Pyrenees. I will be wearing Jeans and Jumper tomorrow instead of shorts and T shirt.

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