Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tales of the river bank

When we think about the many places we have lived its seems that being near water is a theme. Having been brought up, met and married in a city that is about as far from the sea as you can get in UK we still found water to enjoy. It may only have been inland waterways, canals that is, but walking the tow paths provided us with relaxation and a way of getting away from the hustle and bustle, still does in fact when we go back to visit. Living in Cornwall we were never far from the sight and sound of the sea. Then in the Highlands we lived for many years by the deceptive River Enrick, such a mild little stream in summer but quite capable of becomes a raging torrent that flooded the area in winter. Likewise the River Ness which we also lived near. On moving to Spain we were close to the Rio de Segura in both Formentera and Guardamar, in the latter we also over looked the Mediterranean with all its changing moods. Now here we are in Blanca, close to the source of that same river, but oh what different river it is in this time. Not mostly sluggish, always muddy sometimes smelly. Instead its a babbling and beautiful fast running body of water. We have not seen it in full spate as yet but the clarity of the river is such a delight, when nearer the sea it becomes rather like an Australian river to look at muddy in the extreme, though I think at its tail end its not a clean as Australian rivers we have seen and been afloat on. We have swam in the mighty Murray but i would not do so anywhere in thelast few kilometres of the Segura. As I said its a different story here. we have all been in the river where it is easy to access down in Blanca, especially before we had our own pool. The river also provides us with a winter activity we look forward too. Just as we enjoyed walking the towpaths back in UK we plan many walks along the side of the river here. We started this week with a walk from the recreation area at our side of Abaran. Lots of things to hold our interest, including a huge red squirrel we watched for sometime as it tried to decide a good hiding place for its winter stash. This part of the river that circumnavigates the town of Abaran takes you past many little allotment size plots where local people grow there own food. We do wonder if the up and coming generation will put there hands to the plough as the older ones hang up their hoes. It may be just a well this area had a reputation for longevity, our neighbours are in there 80s and still working hard in there market garden. Only time will tell if they will be able to hand on the land to others who will care as much and work as hard.

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