Sunday, October 23, 2011

Huesca to Auch (France)

The second day of our drive proved to be a little longer than we had planned. Having arrived in Ainsa we took the turning towards the tunnel that would get us part way through the pyranees, only 52 kilometres till we crossed into France. Its was a most unpleasant surprise to see a digital road sign telling us the tunnel was closed. Time for a stop and rethink on the route. Thinking we had a short driving time today we had taken a wonderful, and very winding road to Ainsa, the unavoidable change would now add an extra 100 kilometres to the days journey.
We decided to look on the bright side however and enjoy yet more spectaculer scenery. The day was bright and sunny, a little autumn chill in the mountain air but wow how fantastic the trees were. The gold of the poplars mingled with colours that at times seemed unreal. We were delighted by ever more alpine style villages and towns. Empty roads for the most part through passes that held rivers and little meadows. Several times we came upon lazy cows grazing on the road sides or indeed standing in the road. We saw groups of hunters setting off from their 4 wheel drives for a days shooting in the forest, camp sites that were busy at the start of the hunting season. Whole families seemed to be taking part.
We hope very much that the hunts people will repect the law and the very many birds of prey  will continue to thrive. Red kites seem to be doing particularly well, we saw them in large numbers. Also caught sight of Jays, a lovely bird.
We checked in to our hotel which is on the outskirts of Auch and then went into the town, where we had a look at the cathedral and walked through the historic quarter and by the River Ger.

Travelling in Autumn when the weather is this good is just great. Tomorrow we wend our way to Isle near Limoges. As for tonight we are just about to settled down for the rest of the evening at the hotel Robinson, surrounded by squirrel filled trees, ah bliss.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a good journey so far.....I also caught sight of a Jae today, another lovely journey see you later in the week.