Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Isle to Villiers de Morhier


                  LAZING AROUND

First of all a word from our sponsors! we rather think the hotel we stayed in last night had a not so hidden agenda. The hotel was described as being handy for anyone visitng the local hospital, bit surprised to find it was surrounded on all sides by what seemed like the biggest hospital site in the EU. "It feels like a hospital in here" I said, I looked at the info on display in the reception area, no local places of interest, all about health insurance and the like?? What was strangest of all though was finding the bed linen had the words "university hospital" woven into it.(in french of course)We have stayed in some strange places but I mean really.
It rained last night and was still  very damp looking when we set off, another real autumn start to the day. We planned to take a couple of stops to look a the towns of Chateauroux and Vierzon.
The weather was holding so we where able to take a good look at the two places, both with interesting old quarters.  We stopped for coffee in the main square in Chateauroux,  must the say the coffee was non too good, the cups tiny and it was twice the price of Spain. However its always fun to sit and observe local daily life in a new place.
Vierzon  has a real water theme going on and we crossed three bridges over the shallow fast running river before we got to the main town area. All very attractive with lots of well maintained flower containers to brighten the streets.
When we set off again we could see we were heading into heavy rain.  We were soon through it however and a rainbow told us it was a good time to stop for a picnic lunch.
The afternoon took us by the awesome, in the true sense of the word, Chartres cathedral which dominates the landscape for miles around. For some reason most of the churches we are seeing put us in mind of rockets. Begining to wonder if God has extra terrestial connections.
Tonight we are staying in a converted farm building over 200 years old, will there be any ghosts I wonder.
Tomorrow  our destination is Calais to stay overnight for the morning ferry.

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