Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The tale of the black and white kitten

Sitting in the apartment this afternoon and we could hear a loud miaowing in the road, when we looked out there was a white cat with a black and white kitten following it down the road, the kitten was making all the noise, we thought it was in pain because it only had three legs, anyway went out to see what we could do and the white cat had gone and rattled on my daughters patio door, Bec and Damien then came out to see what was happening, meanwhile the kitten had disappeared so we got a cat carrier and looked for it. Damien caught the kitten and has put it in the apartment with food and water and will take it to the vets tomorrow. The white cat watched these proceedings from under a car and it appears she went to Bec and Damiens for help, as they are well known by the cat community for liking cats. I dont know what Suzie (the resident cat) is going to make of this but there will be a further update tomorrow.

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