Thursday, August 30, 2007

Black and white kitten - update

Well, the kitten spent a comfortable night, ate and drank a lot but is very wild, so it went to the vet, who says that it is in quite good health. The vet wormed it, de mitted it, deflea-ed it and gave it injections, It has one paw missing which is perfectly healed and furred over, the vet says the mother may have done this when the kitten was tiny. So Bec and Damien have adopted it, they have called the kitten, who is a boy, Leo.
Leo will have to stay in the apartment for at least a month so that it does not revert to the wild again. In the meantime Suzie - the resident cat, is inquisitive but is quite tolerant so hopefully will not be too put out.
The vet at the centro comercial at Benijofar is brilliant and only charged a minimal fee for his services.

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