Monday, August 20, 2007

Jacarilla Palace and Gardens

We visited Jacarilla today, signposted from the main street through the town are the palace and gardens of Jacarilla, parking is easy, as you enter the main gate of the gardens there is a Policia Local Station, which must be in one of the most pleasant settings possible. The garden is full of neoclassic, arab and renaissance elements and has lots of unique garden areas each with its own attraction of fountains, statues and arbours, also there is the grotto of the Amudena virgen.
At the far end of the gardens is a small animal area where there are goats, pigs, hens and other animals.
The palace itself is not open at the moment as it is being restored, The outside walls have ornate tiles framing the windows, doors, pillars and edges of the building, and hopefully work will proceed to restore it to its former glory.

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Anonymous said...

Hated the place... reminded me of the film 'village of the dammed'!