Friday, August 24, 2007

The Love birds are here

I woke this morning to hear an unusual bird sound, rather like a budgie, only louder, so i crept on to the solarium to see a small parrot type bird walking along the roof, green with red beak and yellow head, chattering away to itself, it wandered round for several minutes when another one appeared on the ridge tile, they looked at each other and flew off, after checking them out on the internet i identified them as Fischers Love birds common in Central Africa and think they must be escapees or they are way out of their territory. I shall be looking again in the morning to see if they reappear.


Anonymous said...

as a rule they fly about in pairs.

Lenox said...

When we married, I bought my wife a couple of pairs of 'inseperables'. They bred and we built an aviary and they bred some more so we were eventually obliged to put a hole in the roof. Now they come and go - probably a hundred plus. I doubt the 'overflow' would make it next province to Murcia however..