Friday, November 06, 2009

In Sheeps clothing

If you spend any time in Spain you may well notice the habit of keeping your dressing gown on. What do I mean? Well its very commonplace to see your average Spanish housewife in her dressing gown until lunch time. No they are not all late getting out of bed. It’s a habit that’s easy to get into and this time of year, when the mornings can be chilly indoors, it’s a perfect way of being cosy. So you wear you nice snugly housecoat while you do the housework, water the plants, see the kids off to school,take out the rubbish, walk the dog even. Its one of those things that brings a smile to your face and makes you think it could only be Spain. If you want to join the club try your local market for a bargain in the housecoat/dressing gown line. Me I've got three!
PS:: My merino wool is the Fav

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Petrus said...

Yes I've been forced into buying one - when in Rome do as the Romans !!