Saturday, November 07, 2009

I've got one with Wheels on

If there’s one everyday sight, other than you've average housewife out and about in her dressing gown, that tells you your in Spain it is the lady with shopping trolley. I know you see them in other countries but here in Spain they really are an essential item. They range from the tatty, well loved, well used, years old ones to the brand spanking new fashion item. The range of colours and designs they can be seen in seems endless. You also see smaller version used by schoolchildren to carry books etc. to and from school. I have to admit to having one myself, bought at a bargain price from a local charity shop, not a very exciting colour but serviceable. I tend to pull mine along but I noticed the other day while having a coffee in Guardamar Street market that the local ladies push there’s. I think they may have something, its a lot less strain on the arms that way. Incidentally it’s not only the women who use "shoppers" older chaps can increasingly be seen making use of these practical items. I wonder will the manufacturers catch on and start producing more butch, manly looking trolleys?

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Petrus said...

A very useful item - one of the first things we purchased .. main problem for us tall chaps is that the handle is too low - we need a modified version with a taller handle !!