Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is There A Point To This?

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New traffic regulations have now come into force in Spain, effective from Wednesday last. The new regulations reduce the number of offenses which could mean a driver losing points on a license. The new traffic Law was approved by Congress only last month so they did not hang about did they. Its is the changes which are seen as favorable to drivers which come into effect last week, with the remaining changes to the Traffic Law to be brought in at a later date.

These changes will include the removal of seven infractions from the list of points-related offences, although it’s reported in the Spanish Press that each will still carry a fine. They range from driving without lights, parking in a bus lane or on a bend and negligent driving which is seen as a possible danger to other traffic or pedestrians. Also removed is driving on a motorway in a type of vehicle which is banned from motorways and driving with twice or more the maximum permitted number of occupants.

As far as speeding is concerned, points will now only be lost for motorway driving at 130 kph or more.
The other important news for drivers is that those who have appealed against losing points for any of the 7 offensives and have not yet received an answer will automatically keep those points. The DGT Central Traffic Authority is now obliged to archive all such cases.

The penalty of the temporary loss of a license also goes. A license may now only be lost when all the points have been used up.

Other changes, such as the 50% reduction for on-the-spot payment of a fine and the loss of 6 points for using radar inhibitors, are due to come into force in about six months time.

On related point, we had an interesting comment from an American guy we met the other day. He was praising the Spanish police and saying how friendly they were, also that they just did not hassle you. He compared this to their counter parts in the USA who he said where very threatening. So much for the Land of the free and the home of the brave then

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