Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stone Me Man

News is in the Spanish papers that 12 tons of Cannabis were seized in Santa Pola. The haul was found at a local industrial estate
This is one of the largest hauls of cannabis ever made in Alicante province: The estimated 12 tons were seized in a Civil Guard swoop on Monday.

The smugglers network had been under surveillance for some time and is reported to have brought over regular consignments of cannabis into the country by sea, hidden in containers of fish. The papers note that 10,000 kilos of fish were confiscated as part of the Civil Guard operation.

This is the latest haul of cannabis in Alicante province in the past 5 years. There have been no details as yet on how many suspects face charges in the case.
I wonder if any local "smokers" noticed anything fishy about the stuff they’ve been buying recently.

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