Sunday, February 26, 2012

Solar Hot Water

 After much deliberation we have finally lashed out and had a Solar water heater installed, It is the evacuated tube type with a 150 litre tank that sits above it, and pressurised from the  cold water system, we had the system installed by Solardirecta of Caravaca, they arrived as promised at 10.00 on Tuesday, and the heater was completely installed by 18.00 that night.
Previously we were useing the gas boiler for hot water and the hot water pressure was not that great but now the pressure is brilliant, and the water piping hot, we have a valve fitted at the tank that mixes cold water into the outflow for a maximum temperature  of 60 degrees C, (adjustable) which is a safeguard against turning the hot tap on and getting scolded. Within 24 hours the digital water control was telling is we had 150 litres of water at 80 degrees C, and is building up as we are not useing all the hot water each day.
Should we have several days of cloudy weather, there is a heater built into the tank that can be turned on from the controller either manually or automatically.So after the initial expence, we now have plenty of hot water provided by the sun.

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