Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marys Saint Clements pudding and almond blossom

When you are surrounded by citrus trees and love to cook you are always looking for ways to make use of a wonderful free resource. The lemons from the garden are in almost daily use, on fish salads, paella etc.
I do love a good pud though, so heres a recipe I put together the other day, it was yummy.

You will need.

3 lemons squeezed for juice, take off the zest first to use
2 oranges squeezed and zested too. ( free from our lovely neighbour Serafino)
200 grams of whipping cream
150 grams of yogurt ( I used a vanilla probiotic one from Lidl but a good Greek one would work)
2 tablespoons of caster sugar
3 sheets of gelatine
1/2 pkt of digestive biscuits crushed
100grams melted butter

first mix melted butter and crushed biscuit then press into a shallow container lined with kitchen foil, a flan dish is perfect. Put into fridge to set. mix lemon and orange juice
Put gelatine sheets on small plate cover in water, when it soft squeeze of the excess water then put in small bowl and cover with about half a cup of a the citrus juice set aside
put sugar in to remaining juice and warm until sugar melts, no need to boil. leave to cool
Whip the cream till very stiff fold in yogurt

warm gelatine in microwave, till it melts let it cool a little

mix the cream mixture, juice/sugar and gelatine and zest together

pour onto biscuit base and leave in fridge for 4 to 5 hours

try to kid yourself its really good for you because of all the fruit juice!

and as a foot note the almonds tree are in bloom now, a magical sight for sure.

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