Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Flight Down Memory Lane

There is something about a chilly afternoon that makes me nostalgic. Roaring fire in the log burner, afternoon tea on the go mmmm , reminds me of? Well lots of things really. Depths of winter in the Highlands, fire going , tea on the go of course! One big difference though between then and now, apart from the much much lower degrees of cold in the depths of a Scottish Glen of course, and that's the content of my day dreams. Here I can take a wander outside if I can drag myself away from the fire side, it may be a chilly wind but the suns still shining. A quick look at the ever progressing garden with spring bulbs just peeping through, the sun catches the lemons on our tree by the pool, a whiff of fragrance from the blossom on the same tree. Wonderful, the pool may have its winter cover on but I can still picture us swimming up and down at some late hour of the night under a  balmy starry sky.

No such day dreams back in the old Glen Urquhart dark winter afternoons. Back then we would spend many an evening looking for last minute deals that would whisk us away to a sunnier clime. Having worked 7 days a week in our little restaurant, what we really needed were some holiday deals that would give us, well exactly what we have now for the greater part of the year. Mind you back then we did find some real bargains, and I am sure given the current weather over in UK many people will be doing what we used to do, and once it warms up here no doubt our phone will start to ring as friends and family decide to visit sunny Blanca.

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