Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The rain in Spain

Although we have had some cold weather this winter what we have not had yet is rain. Its only rained 3 or 4 times since the beginning of last December. The ground is very dry and we are putting any available grey water onto the flower beds and trees in our garden. We are also glad we have not drained the swimming pool. Instead we have put a winter cover on it and run the pump about once a month. The water is clear and clean under the secondhand cover, what a bargain, heavy duty cover. If the winter rain really does fail to arrive at least we will not be worrying about all the water the pool needs. Our little domestic worries over the water situation must be amplified for the fruit and olive growers though. This area like so many in Spain is made to bloom and by the ancient irrigation system. The system was put in place by the desert dwelling Moors who looked at the one left by the Romans and set about improving the network. However no matter how good the system for moving water is you need the water to be there in the first place. The river is looking low the ground is dry and its up to all of us to be as careful as we can with water. There is real concern in cereal growing areas on the plains in Spain.
We think that now is a good time to look at your own household water footprint and if you can change your habits to reduce the amount all to the good. Now if you´ll excuse me I must go and greywater the garden.

footnote: It rained last night!

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Albie said...

Love your blog! Pictures are nice and the articles are fun and fitting. I used to live in England (Hendon, London) and have an interest in Spain too. Even though I was busy, I noticed your blog and had to take a peak. Glad I did!