Saturday, November 19, 2011

UK shopping in Spain

I happened to notice the other day that now it is possible to buy from several large UK stores online and get courier delivery to your Spanish address, Argos-Spain have around 8000 products, any amount delivered for 9.95 euros, Next, has a delivery charge of 5 euros, John Lewis delivery charge 7.50euros  Theres also Marks and Spencers with international shopping. There is also the "UK shopping in Spain" company based in Mazarron where you can order from over a dozen different UK stores and they will deliver the whole order to you, you pay for delivery by weight and this one seems to work out quite expensive in my opinion.
 To buy a new laptop or PC from Marks and Spencers or Argos could be ideal as the operating systems are English where as it is not easy to get an English version on a laptop from a Spanish store.


John said...

Also, and ship at quite reasonable prices. From 6 EUR upwards depending on weight (50 cents/kg) for electronic equipment with 3-5 day shipping. (Or express delivery for 20 EUR irrespective of the weight.)

We haven't tried it yet to Spain, but will almost certainly buy from amazon once we have our house number mounted (we're in the middle of moving into a new house near Valencia over Christmas), as their customer service is excellent.

Brindy said...

We also used to use as delivery was free although we paid in Euros, so the exchange rate needed checking to see whether Amazon worked out cheaper incl delivery. We also used to check with friends to see if we could order for several of us and only pay one delivery charge.

Sophie Johansson said...

Wow! That is good to know. I have a condo in Costa del Sol, and sometimes miss a specific product from back home when I am there for extended stays.